Dienstag, 23. September 2008

A short notice only...

... concerning my flat: All five rooms are inhabited now. My flatmates are: Danielle from Manchester, first Joe from somewhere in Essex, second Joe from somewhere (the rest of us doesn't know, she is not that sociable), and Annabell from some one-horse town in Niedersachsen.

Yes, there are many Germans here. About 18 people of the 40 Erasmus students are German, in addition you frequently meet some that study seriously. Today when I went to the city with some other internationals, I observed something that seems to be international, the dresscode.


There was a sense of disappointment as we left the mall
All the young people looked the same

Bloc Party - Uniform

It looked like an uniformed army of international students invading the City of London, dressed in sneakers, blue jeans and leather jackets. And the norwegian girl that was not wearing a leather jacket bought one and instantly put it on.

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